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  • Access to over a dozen LIVE classes every month

  • UNLIMITED access to an OnDemand library of over 200 workouts

  • Functional Interval Training 

  • MMA Inspired Cardio and Animal Flow Intervals

  • Upgrade to ALL Access to get everything I do (classes, events, programs etc) at all times

  • No contract required, cancel anytime

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TIFFIT is more of a philosophy on fitness rather than a specific type of class or programming. What you can always expect in a TIFFIT class is Functional Interval Training (the FIT in TIFFIT). I combine #HIIT (high intensity interval training), metabolic conditioning (#metcon think high volume, multiple muscle group, reps) and traditional lifting sets to help you TORCH calories during your workout, and build lean muscle. My classes are designed to keep your body burning calories long after class is over (EPOC)!

TIFFIT classes use multiple types of equipment, and varied timing/intervals to keep your workout fun and functional (but every workout can be done effectively WITHOUT equipment if you’re stuck at home).

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MMA inspired cardio with Animal Flow intervals

This 40 minute, body weight only class is designed as an aerobic cardio (steady state) class with minimal (to zero) impact. The cardio comes in the form of MMA combinations for 1 minute, think kickboxing with a more badass feel.  Followed by 30 seconds of an Animal Flow inspired interval. This is where we get on the floor and channel our primal beings. 

At the end of class I put all of the Animal Flow movements together to create a graceful, yet powerful, FLOW to cool us down.

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