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Tiffany Joyce

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As I like to say, I am just an average girl who was taught at an early age that you had to work hard for everything you want in life.


Growing up I only played basketball and danced. Dance only lasted a short while because musicality isn’t my strongest point. But basketball, that was my passion, but I wasn’t anything more than average at best skill wise. Yet, I managed to get myself on to every team I ever tried out for, won starting positions, and even played on a U10 National Championship, gold medal team. My coaches all said that you could see my determination in my eyes, and I was like having a “coach” on the floor.


It has always been my drive that has been my greatest strength. If someone tells me I can’t do something, I am going to give my all to prove them wrong, and myself right!

I earned a B.S. in Biology, and my Masters degree in secondary education. I have taught in multiple school districts, and at multiple grade levels. I strongly believe that if you can motivate a teenager to learn biology, you can do ANYTHING! At this time I was also coaching women’s basketball at the high school level. I spent more hours with my students than I did with my family.


Becoming a mom of 2 was the pivotal part in my journey. Being a working mom was no longer an option for me. Over the past 6 years I have used my skills to build a work from home business that I am passionate about. I do the same things, I just now teach and coach to a different audience, and on my schedule.


I am a life long lover of learning, and am constantly sharpening my skills. Here’s a little more about how I’ve gotten here, and how I can help you! 


Teacher & Coach

I originally went to college thinking that I was going to be a marine biologist and swim with Shamu. When the realization of that meant I would have to move hundreds of miles away from my family hit home, I quickly took a detour. I finished my undergrad with a B.S. in Biology, and continued on to earn a Master’s degree in secondary education. While completing my Master’s program I began my basketball coaching career. Helping mold young women became my life.


I worked in many school districts, and at every grade level from middle school through high school seniors. I coached on some of the highest achieving teams in Western Pennsylvania history, included an undefeated State Champion team. I am proud to say that I helped 7 young women secure full college scholarships. I always found myself as the strength and conditioning coach, helping my athletes perform their best, and stay injury free because of my love for fitness. For 8 years I spent 90% of my day with young adults, but my desire to grow and focus on my family quickly outweighed my passion to help other children. 

Wife & Mom

My husband Michael is a UPS driver, and Union Steward. Our relationship blossomed over our shared passion for sports, and the television show Law and Order. In 2010 we got married, moved into our forever home within 6 months, and have been writing our story ever since.


In May 2011 we lived our highest high finding out that we were going to be parents, only to have to go through the lowest low of suffering a miscarriage. After 6 months of sadness, I got pregnant again, and became a mom to Declan in September of 2012. That joyful day quickly turned to trauma, as we found ourselves rushing back to the hospital on the night of our release because he had turned blue in his crib. Luckily, we made it through that night, but not without scars. Declan was a difficult baby to put it lightly, and as I became pregnant with our second child I found myself going through the motions in life. Instead of enjoying my two little blessings. I finally decided to take control of something in my life by adding an at home fitness routine into my schedule. My hope was that if I could just lose 10 pounds I would be happier. The rest is history as they say. 


Self Love

When I decided to regain control of my body, I had low expectations for myself. How could working out at home with a set of 8 pound dumbbells be effective? Well, 42 days and 21 pounds later, I was blown away by what my post baby (and 4 pregnancies) body was capable of. I became an online “coach” and began helping people get fit and healthy through the same at home platform I was using.


Yet, there was still something missing. I knew I had gifts that I wasn’t using. I took a chance, and signed up for a one day training to become a fitness instructor in March of 2015. I was never so intimidated and excited as an adult. I can remember after the certification day the Master Instructor approached me, and solidified to me that I had a gift and that I needed to share it as soon as possible. 

Fitness Professional

I began teaching at a small local rec center. My following included my family, and extended family. I had faith that I would grow, as long as I put in the work! I bounced around from studios, to small gyms, until I landed a dream job at Faster Pittsburgh, the same gym I was originally certified in! In that interview the gym owner asked not only for me to teach my group class in his gym, but if I was interested in becoming a personal trainer through Faster as well. That moment was the moment that the actual evolution into a full fitness professional was born.


I am nationally certified through Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). I have accumulated multiple specialty certifications such as P90X, Insanity, Piyo, and Core de Force. I am TRX qualified. I hold a Level 1 Animal Flow instructor certification, and a Level 1 kettlebell certification. I am the creator of the TIFFIT brand, as well as Fight and Flow. I have plans to continue to grow, and sharpen my skills with new certifications soon. 

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