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Youth Strength & Conditioning Camp
Hosted By Seton La Salle High School 

The dates for the Strength and Conditioning Camp have been finalized! The camp will run on Tuesday and Thursday's 6:30 PM – 8:15 PM and Saturday's from 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM, July 18th – August 12th at Seton La Salle High School. 

Strength & Speed is the epitome of ATHLETICISM: but many of our young athletes don't know how to properly express these traits. Never before has it been more important for young athletes to learn how to move with precision and speed than it is today.

The camp has limited slots, first come first serve. Fill out the form below to reserve your spot now!

As one of the only Dynamic Sports Performance Certified Coach in the Pittsburgh area, I offer an innovative approach to training – building a solid athletic foundation for each individual athlete. This unique program includes instruction in movement training, injury reduction and rehabilitation, linear and lateral speed techniques, foot speed and agility, explosive power development, proper functional strength training and mobility training. Athletes are closely supervised as I take them through an intense 1 hour workout with attention always being paid to proper technique and safety.

The workout consists of functionally sound movement training, strength training and conditioning with a strong focus on basic and proper technique. The workout becomes progressively more challenging once basic techniques have been mastered. The camp is being kept small, to allow maximum individual attention.

Daily Camp Objectives:


  • MOBILITY – Joint Stabilization, Range of Motion Exercises, Various Forms of Stretching, Muscle Activation

  • EXPLOSIVE POWER – Olympic Lifting, Plyometrics, Medicine Ball, Jumping & Landing Techniques

  • SPEED – Acceleration, Deceleration, Linear and Lateral Movement Techniques, Running, Footwork, Hurdles

  • STRENGTH – Functional Approach, Thorough Instruction, Focus on Upper Body, Lower Body & Core

  • CONDITIONING – Game Ready Preparation for all Athletes.

  • INJURY REDUCTION – Identify & Correct Muscular Imbalances, Balance & Stabilization

Your athlete will leave camp more confident, faster, stronger, and with a better understanding of proper techniques that will help them excel at their sport!


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