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The best training program is one that is not only effective, but that you’ll enjoy and want to keep doing. Not the one that runs you into the ground! Smart programming that will help you progress, and not punish your body!


Resilient is a 6 week program, with 5 workouts per week that have an Aerobic Cardio and Simple Weight Lifting approach. Resilient programming offers 4 daily splits between aerobic and strength work into two separate sessions, and one total body day. This allows a progressive focus that will help you develop conditioning and strength in a balanced approach.


Resilient achieves a high intensity workouts without ever doing a burpee (ZERO!!!!!). Through this program you not only build muscle, but there is a strong focus on joint conditioning. You will train your joints in ways that make them strong and RESILIENT, Keeping you in the fitness game for the long run! Allowing you to do burpess 10-20 years from now when you want to!


Don’t have an hour for your workout? 


Resilient is designed so that you have multiple training options. Programming with the everyday busy person in mind, enabling you to train however suits YOU…


*Do the entire workout in one session (about 60-75 minutes max)


*Doubles, do your cardio in the morning, and hit your strength section in the evening.


*Spread them out! Cardio one day, strength the next, and repeat. Taking a rest day every third day. It will take you longer to complete the program, but you will still get results!


Resilient is perfect for anyone who thinks that they have to spend an hour on the treadmill/elliptical BEFORE they can go lift, and vice versa for the avid lifter who only does HIIT and is starting to burn out! Resilient is also GREAT for anyone new to running, and wants to improve on their times and distances.


The bonus feature that Resilient offers is written decompressions at the end of every workout that perfectly compliments the session. Because we all know that calling down, and taking that time to decompress often doesn’t happen. What I have found though is if it is written you will DO IT!!!


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