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Hi! I'm Tiffany

As I like to say, I am just an average girl who was taught at an early age that you had to work hard for everything you want in life.

Quote Mark

"Resilient is a program unlike any other out there!! This program is intense and brilliantly designed in a way that combines cardio and strength building for maximum results while always providing a mobility component to ensure pliability in the muscles and joints for longevity!!! This program is great for the advanced athlete and the beginner alike! The moves and loads build throughout the program so you can see and track your progress! Even though there were no long runs, no box jumps, no burpees, my cardio fitness improved so much over the 6 weeks- I shaved over 20 seconds off of my mile time! Resilient is challenging but doable. It is intense but not intimidating. And the decompression section at the end always leaves you feeling unstoppable and ready to take on the next day!! Get ready for a transformative 6 weeks where you will train in a way that will help ensure your body and joints will be there for you for years to come! You will not only become stronger and more fit; you will become RESILIENT!!!! "

-Julie Bender

Quote Mark

"Tiff has been magical from the very beginning of our sessions. During the first one she took time to review my goals and evaluate my baseline skills. She gave me fun and manageable homework each week that built upon the previous sessions. Even via Zoom she saw little details about my moves that needed corrected, showing that she is attentive and knowledgeable. She was very accessible as a coach, giving me feedback on videos between sessions. 


Tiff helped me refine my skills but she also rebuilt my confidence. The value of her sessions is undeniable - she was so well-priced for the amount of knowledge she has to share. I genuinely cannot recommend her enough as a coach - both one-on-one and her group classes! She’s the perfect combination of a fun personality plus being an expert at what she teaches! I look forward to continuing to learn from her in the future!"


-Allison Govern

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